High IQ doesn’t predict your overall success – it’s something else…

IQ is not the predictor of overall success we once thought it was. EQ, or your emotional quotient is more predictive because it tells us how you’ll get along while facing day-to-day adversity. IQ measures your cognitive abilities. It is predictive of your achievement in educational endeavors and measures your overall intellectual abilities.

The average IQ is between 90-110, as measured on most standardized IQ tests. The highest measured IQ today belongs to Mislav Predavec of Croatia. He’s an elite member of the Nano Society. Nano is like it’s sister IQ organization, MENSA, but membership into the Nano Society requires an IQ greater than 190. MENSA’s requirement is an IQ greater than 132. Two percent of the population is believed to be at that rarefied level. Predavec is the only member of the Nano Society. The chance of an IQ being 190 or above is one in 1,000,000,000. If you believe you should belong, you may email ivan.ivec@gmail.com. It’s lonely at the top.

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