Perspective gives you genius.
There is no one path to mastery or genius, and yet the journey toward mastery is what all Shortcuts have in common. Rivals Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were contemporaries, and each was, and continues to be, considered the true “Renaissance Man”. Both had varied artistic and engineering capabilities that are hailed as mastery even 700 years later, yet each had a different approach.

Da Vinci believed that nature was to be exulted and he worked in concert with it to develop his famous canals of Venice, the drawings of the anatomy and the first helicopter. Michelangelo’s mastery was informed by his belief that nature was the enemy and was to be conquered. He believed that every piece of stone had a figure inside, and that the duty of the artist was to release what nature was hiding by chipping away all the stone that was not the intended figure.

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