Activate Your BrainThe three “brains” humans possess are the human brain, the mammalian brain, and the oldest brain—the reptilian brain. Our overall success in the world is dependent on our ability to manage the constant dance between two of the three “brains”: the human brain and the mammalian brain. Those who effectively manage the first two brains are more likely to achieve what they want.

The mammalian brain is the emotional center of the brain. This brain is not logical, and if left unattended, it would act like a three-year-old who just got handed an espresso and a puppy.

Our human brain is the captain of the ship. It keeps the mammalian brain in check if the conditions are right. The human brain houses the prefrontal cortex (PFC), which is the executive center of the brain. It thinks, reasons, analyzes, innovates, and manages the emotions that rise from the mammal part of the brain.

These two brains interact with each other during every part of our life. The PFC allows us to take time to think about things; slowing down allows us to have a more reasonable relationship with our emotions. So remember; if the human brain is ignored, the mammalian brain can destroy careers and relationships, because we will not know how to process our emotions in a time of crisis.