CNBCMy four-minute claim to fame on CNBC last week was so fast that I didn’t get to blurt out everything I thought would be useful to the idea of working smarter, but also managing stress. Here are the points I would emphasize:

  1. Work in smaller chunks with more intense bursts of focus, and then micro-rest (I say this a lot, yes, but maybe people will start to believe it!).
  2. Reframe stressful events so that you believe you can conquer them; that you’re smart and good enough to get around the obstacle (I have an upcoming Huffington Blog post on this – stay tuned!).
  3. Plan what you will do in the downtime during your day. When you take a ten minute break to reset, what will that look like? A walk? A quick nap? Laugh at a funny YouTube, listen to music? RESET a few times a day.
  4. Get to work/family life completion 30 minutes before bedtime. Nothing replaces sleep. Don’t attempt to. Stop working all the way up until bed time. You’re just overloading your brain to details it’s going to work very hard to retain. It could wake you up.

To learn more, watch this segment from CNBC’s Squawkbox.