The perfect storm of businesses I dealt with one day failed one after the next to keep their word. I had a flood in my house and needed a lot of venders to take care of things. There was a painter, a roofer, a tile man, a banker and the cable guy. Only one came through when and how he said he would; he felt like a soothing aloe on a wicked sunburn. He was Chris the roofer. I’ll recommend him to everyone I know. To the rest, the lack of trust behaviors is expensive. If I could add up how many times, “I’m sorry” got flung about and then amortize the phrase with the cost of lost good will and business, I’m sure those businesses would work very hard not to have to apologize so often. But, this isn’t a blog to swipe at those who aggrieved me. It’s about the observations of trust in action.

The formula for trust is simple, but not always easy to carry out.

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