Complete Intelligence™, LLC is a Denver, Colorado based company that delivers tangible business solutions to a broad range of clients. Our clients include executive teams, sales and marketing, finance, operations and other teams within large corporations and associations.

The solutions that we provide include substantive keynote speeches for meeting launches and motivation. Inspiring and interactive workshops teach the topics and techniques that separate the performers from the non-performers.

Each program is designed to meet the needs and goals of our clients while driving performance to higher levels. The foundation of each program is based in research done in the areas of emotional intelligence, influence, critical thinking and communication.

By learning new principles, fresh approaches to work and the supporting communication techniques needed to execute, participants leave with tangible takeaways.

If you are a leader and/or the head of a team these programs are designed for you:

  • Leaders will be able to more clearly define and articulate goals against the ever higher “bar”.
  • Employees will discover and develop new skills that equip them to enhance the bottom line productively and profitably.
  • High potential talent will gain clarity about the differentiators that enable them and their employees to perform at higher, results-based levels.

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