The Success Factor: the Difference Between Smart People Who Succeed and the Smart Ones Who Don’t

By Scott Halford Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in life more than others; especially when you look at people who are in about the same kind of jobs with the same kind of intelligence? We know that cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) are predictors of overall success, especially when combined … Read More

The Importance of Inclusion: Being Excluded Can Feel as Bad as a Broken Bone

By Scott Halford Did you ever wonder why it feels like a kick in the gut when you aren’t included in a meeting that you thought you should have been? How about the wrenching feeling of getting a bad performance review, or worse, losing a job or an important relationship? It literally hurts, and the … Read More

Here’s Why “Erasing” Our Brain Every Day is Critical to Our Memory

By Scott G. Halford If you’ve been in a Neuroscience for Success™ program with me, you know I harp on “erasing” our brains every day for better brain productivity and mental fitness. It seems counterintuitive that erasing our brain helps us to remember things better, cope with everyday stressful demands and to be better thinkers. … Read More