Look Up – The Answer to Awesomeness is Right in Front of You

Adapted from “Activate Your Brain” by the blog’s author Uh oh. Our technology has officially gotten the better of us – both physically and mentally. On the physical side, spine experts officially call it “text neck” and we are seeing more and more people with it beginning in their early teen years. And if the … Read More

Start Small, Start Now: The Road to Success Begins with One Small Choice

Adapted from the book Activate Your Brain Most people want to get better at something. It can be as mundane as keeping a more pristine checkbook or something as grandiose as becoming an elite-level athlete or leader. The process is the same, whether it’s big or small. You have to activate your brain to give … Read More

Increase Your Success by Helping Others Get an A+

The art of leadership and the gift of being an incredible human being is to adopt the mindset of helping others get an A in life.   Read more in this week’s Huffington Post Blog by Scott Halford  and  learn how to make the achievement energy blossom in your organization.    

The Mindset of Winners: Your Approach Determines Your Landing

Excerpted from Scott Halford’s book, Activate Your Brain: How Understanding Your Brain can Change Your Work – And Your Life (Greenleaf 2015) In nearly every situation in life, you’re moving toward something or you’re moving away from something. For instance, do you go to work because you like what you do, or do you go … Read More