Humans and Our Three Brains

The three “brains” humans possess are the human brain, the mammalian brain, and the oldest brain—the reptilian brain. Our overall success in the world is dependent on our ability to manage the constant dance between two of the three “brains”: the human brain and the mammalian brain. Those who effectively manage the first two brains … Read More

How Blinding Flashes of Brilliance Happen When We’re Not Looking

Have you ever been in conversation and tried to remember an old friend’s name (insert actor, movie, or any other tidbit you once knew) and you just can’t? You push and push the folds of your memory to find out what you already know, but alas, the harder you push the more the name on … Read More

Five Ways to Channel Your Inner Millionaire: Here’s how to harness your brain power to maximize productivity.

By nature, many entrepreneurs are inventors and good at solving problems. But how easily, or naturally, do these creative and practical processes come to most people? How can we harness the right frame of mind to make money and improve productivity? The part of the brain that sets humans apart from the rest of the … Read More