The Mindset of Winners: Your Approach Determines Your Landing

Excerpted from Scott Halford’s book, Activate Your Brain: How Understanding Your Brain can Change Your Work – And Your Life (Greenleaf 2015) In nearly every situation in life, you’re moving toward something or you’re moving away from something. For instance, do you go to work because you like what you do, or do you go … Read More

3 Easy Ways to Navigate Tough Moments in Your Relationships

  Relationships are hard, as evidenced by the fact that the personal relationship card keeps getting turned up with executives I work with everywhere I go. And, because what happens at home has an effect on performance at work, this is hugely important. I’m not a marriage counselor, but with my work in emotional intelligence … Read More

6 Ways Language Makes a BIG Difference to Success

Does language matter? The answer is complex, but we do know it predicts mindsets, which in turn predict behavior. So, yes your language matters. A lot. Several people have asked me to re-post this brief article on how we can have more successful language. I’ll share with you six big ideas on language. It first … Read More