Humans and Our Three Brains

The three “brains” humans possess are the human brain, the mammalian brain, and the oldest brain—the reptilian brain. Our overall success in the world is dependent on our ability to manage the constant dance between two of the three “brains”: the human brain and the mammalian brain. Those who effectively manage the first two brains … Read More

Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together

Excerpted from the book, Activate Your Brain, by Scott G. Halford Learning something new needs to be a yearly goal, an every-few-months goal, or even a daily goal you need to set for yourself. It can be something big like learning an instrument or a language, which is excellent for brain strengthening as an ongoing … Read More

Quiet Your Brain So It Can Hear Your Gut

By Scott G. Halford Excerpted from the book, Activate Your Brain, by Scott G. Halford Heuristics is the word used to describe activities that help us learn through experience and trial and error. It’s a form of problem solving and decision making that allows intuition, common sense, experiential learning, and other pieces of information to come … Read More