Positive Feelings Fuel Powerful Results: 6 Ways to Charge up the Positive Engines of Your Brain

There are still diehard curmudgeons out there who I meet every day who insist that positivity is just a code word for goofing around and not getting things done. They could not be more wrong. Positive states of mind have been shown to fuel incredible results in our life and work in a number of … Read More

How Blinding Flashes of Brilliance Happen When We’re Not Looking

Have you ever been in conversation and tried to remember an old friend’s name (insert actor, movie, or any other tidbit you once knew) and you just can’t? You push and push the folds of your memory to find out what you already know, but alas, the harder you push the more the name on … Read More

Confidence Killer: “What ifs”

(Excerpted from the book by Scott G. Halford:  Activate Your Brain: How Understanding Your Brain Can Improve Your Work – And Your Life. Book available May 5, 2015) The feeling of self-confidence may go up when we get better at something, but resist believing that confidence will always follow from competence. When asked what makes … Read More

The Importance of Inclusion: Being Excluded Can Feel as Bad as a Broken Bone

By Scott Halford Did you ever wonder why it feels like a kick in the gut when you aren’t included in a meeting that you thought you should have been? How about the wrenching feeling of getting a bad performance review, or worse, losing a job or an important relationship? It literally hurts, and the … Read More