Success comes from within. The Complete Edge™ online learning system helps participants identify long-hidden barriers to personal growth. Through self-paced learning, insights are gained, new skills are learned, and performance and productivity improve. This program is appropriate for an individual or for as a team / corporate development solution.

EQ-i2.0: Complete Edge Learning System™


  • Learn foundations of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and application to business.
  • Self-paced, online learning. Eighteen comprehensive modules.
  • Individual assessment of emotional intelligence – EQ-i2.0
  • Confidential coaching for each participant. One hour.


  • Affordable. Program cost per person less than traditional development solutions.
  • Scalable. Appropriate for employees at all organizational levels and for geographically dispersed organizations.
  • Accountable. Comprehensive reporting tracks employee progress and completion.
  • Measurable. Specific metrics based on company defined indicators.
  • Customize. Learning System components are combined to meet corporate talent development needs.


  • EQ-i® 2.0 assessment of emotional intelligence.
  • Online interpreter of EQ-i®2.0.
  • Coaching session – debrief / coaching on assessment results. Individual Action Plan – created during confidential debrief.
  • Follow Up – 12-week email follow up.
  • Complete Edge™ online learning – goal specific, modular approach, self-paced.