Most of the time, problems and bad decisions can be traced back to flawed thinking. This sounds like an obvious thing to fix, but how would you do it? What are the steps you’d take?

The very essence of critical thinking requires the ability to objectively examine your own and others’ ideas. The hallmark of excellent critical thinkers is the ability to identify, convey and change flawed thinking processes as they occur. Flawed thinking is often the culprit in problems that arise in projects and issues.

In this interactive workshop, learn about critical thinking and how it can work for you and your team. Strong critical thinking is an asset that contributes to every aspect of business. By learning to apply the principles of critical thinking, you will provide insight, avoid problems, and seize opportunities.

This workshop is designed for professionals who are required to perform and contribute at significant levels within their organization. Participants will learn to accurately compile, analyze, and plan effective courses of action.

Workshop participants will:

  1. Learn to recognize and use the key tools of critical thinking.
  2. Discover the nine Gateways of Critical Thinking.
  3. Learn how to use specific gates at appropriate times.
  4. Develop a strategy to effectively use critical thinking in impromptu business situations.
  5. Participate in interactive activities that will guide your use of critical thinking.
  6. Learn how to tactfully identify and correct other’s flawed thinking.
  7. Help others to be more accurate, relevant and significant in their thinking and actions.
  8. Learn how to move from the critical thinking process to execution.

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