The ability to persuade and communication effectively reaches into every aspect of professional life. Thus, the importance of fine-tuning one’s abilities and skills in this arena is essential to career success. Whether you wish to communicate with one or one hundred people, there are specific skills that you can learn that will make a measurable difference in your overall success.

The Knock ’em Alive® workshop is designed for business professionals at all skill levels. Busy professionals learn, through an integrated process, to communicate and present effectively. Regardless of previous instruction and experience, participants will find value.

Knock ’em Alive participants will:

  1. Be prepared for a variety of speaking opportunities.
  2. Discover how to deal with the fear and questions associated with public speaking.
  3. Learn not only what to say but how to say it effectively.
  4. Learn to present in a powerful, effective, and memorable way.
  5. Have ample opportunity to practice new skills during the class.
  6. Have the opportunity to be videotaped in order to see “how they did” and understand improvements they can make.

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