You want to sell more, produce more, keep employees engaged, retain your top talent—you want it all. It all starts in the brain. Recent neuroscience discoveries tell us what switches people on and what turns them off. What attracts and what repels. As we learn more about the brain, we have more accurate tools to help us do what we’ve been trying to do for decades.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Learn about “danger surfing™”—how it leads to huge decreases in productivity and profitability and what you can do to stop it in your organization.
  2. Discover how to increase your own and other’s attention density in the areas you deem important in your business and life.
  3. Find out what you need to do to spend time in the fertile “executive brain” while avoiding the destructive animal brain.
  4. Practice accessing the areas of your brain that allow you to perform better and smarter.
  5. Learn about the brain’s threat and reward system and the ways you can use it to change behavior and beliefs.
  6. Discover attractor behaviors that benefit you in sales and negotiations.
  7. Find out how to make and keep goals; avoid the distraction of over commitment.

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