We all have similar “hardware” called the brain. How we use it, however, is as individual as our genetic code. The Emergenetics® Profile answers age old questions such as “Why do they think that way?” “Why do they want THAT information?” and “Why can’t they just think like me?” While differences are usually what can start the conflict, the best teams have found those differences are what makes a great creative team.

Emergenetics® is based on research that indicates we are born “pre-wired” with traits to act and think in certain ways, and we modify the traits as we interact with our environment. The combination of our experiences and genetics intertwine to form some commonly recognizable patterns. These patterns are what Emergenetics teaches you and your team and helps to improve communication, productivity and morale.

Emergenetics® has seven attributes: four attributes describe ways of thinking and three attributes describe ways of behaving.

emergenetics_chartHow does it work?

Emergenetics® is a self-descriptive test – meaning you answer a series of questions about yourself. Then your responses are scored and the results are compared with a group norm.

What are the results?

  • Gain insight into your thinking and behavioral preferences
  • The “perfect” team
  • The “perfect” presentation
  • Creative problem solving
  • Managing change
  • Enhanced interpersonal communications
  • Accelerated learning
  • Leadership development
  • Diversity valuation
  • Job satisfaction
  • Life satisfaction
  • Understanding your consumer
  • Understanding self
  • Understanding significant others
  • Increased productivity

Whether you are hiring, training, leading, or interacting with your team – Emergenetics® methods facilitate communication and promote greater job and personal effectiveness. It is unlike any profile or assessment process with which you may be familiar.

This fast-paced program will lead you and your team through insightful processes to identify and examine how you think and behave, and how these influence your personal and professional life. Emergenetics® seminars are customized to meet your needs and ensure you achieve the results you seek.

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