The Emergenetics® Toolbox contains charts that illustrate important Emergenetics® concepts on one page for easy reference. Topics include tips to help you understand yourself, to interact with others, and to apply Emergenetics® in a business context.

  • How Do You Think and Behave When You Receive Feedback from a Supervisor?
  • Communicating with Others
  • How to Develop Better Communications With Your Direct Reports
  • How Each Emergenetics® Attribute Listens
  • How Each Emergenetics® Attribute Prefers to Receive Recognition
  • The Emergenetics® Approach to Conflict Management
  • How to Make the Perfect Emergenetics® Presentation
  • The Emergenetics® Approach to Running the Perfect Meeting
  • The Emergenetics® Approach to Making a Decision
  • The Emergenetics® Approach to an Implementation Plan
  • The Emergenetics® Approach to Change

click here to download the  Complete Intelligence Emergenetics Toolbox
The Toolbox can also be found in the book “Tap into the New Science of Success – Emergenetics®” by Geil Browning, PhD

Value the Differences is an easy to read reference chart of the different Emergenetics® preferences. Topics for each preference include Strengths, Appearance when Overused, Points to Remember, and hints for Speaking to Each Preference.

click here to download the handout  Value the Differences

Once you are familiar with the Emergenetics® principles, there are no  limits to the ways in which you can apply them.